New Blogrollers – check ’em, ya hear.

image from gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards” (read it)

I have been adding a few more blogs to my ever growing Slowcoustic Blogroll lately.  I have come to think the more one gets out and visits other blogs/websites, your world just gets that much bigger (as opposed to the common misconception of it becoming smaller).  I have been victim of living in a bubble at times, and more and more there is just good stuff in the blogger community.  Don’t get me wrong it is not a perfect world, some blogs are ass, but some are full of great music, commentary and people.

I mean in the new world of “online” friends what is to say that you don’t connect more with someone you never physically meet versus the person in the next cubicle.  One of the greatest things in my short time of blogging is getting an email from Linda over at Speed of Dark and her ideas of community and what one could (and should) expect from each other (even if only in the blogger community…for now).  Bloggers will save the world one day, you just wait…or was that Obama…I know if was one of the two.

Okay long lead in to a simple task of adding in a few of the good guys, but you know what I am getting at right?  Starting out – new blog to me “Knox Road” is on as I found myself reading a post, making a comment….then reading another post, making a comment…this is a good sign.  There is a bit of everything indie alongside a good read.  Joining in with the former East Coast USA blog, I give you “Happy Days Are Here Again” who is another one of my Italian friends.  HDAHA – who’s blog at times could be my “sister blog” with similar taste in music, this is a good thing, no?  Also, don’t be afraid, it is in Italian but worth translating!

So yeah, check ’em out, ya hear.