Modicom’s “Ice Storm” makes an appearance in Calgary, more or less.

So remember when I bitched out National Geographic for showing a ridiculous photo of a snowy Calgary, Alberta and titled it “Spring in Calgary” a few posts ago?  Well, I am here to “eat crow” and say that damn it, I woke up to snow everywhere…on the first weekend in Spring (check a flickr photo from Sherlock77 in Calgary)!  It isn’t that cold or anything, but we tend to get snow at odd times due to the Rocky Mountains being so close.  So I thought I would throw out some tracks from an album from Australia’s now defunct band “Modicom” that fittingly is called “The Icestorm”.

The story is that the band recorded this album back a few years (okay, like 10 years ago) and ended up disbanding prior to actually releasing the album.  With it being on another continent and 10 years ago, I would never have heard of a band that broke up and didn’t actually release their album.  Well, with the amazing power of the music sharing network (you may know it as the internet) – I have now discovered this: 1 part shoegaze, 1 part indie and 1 part chamber pop, band.

The two tracks I have are fitting for this lazy (snow infused) Sunday and are included below.   The first one is “The Icestorm” and is an acoustic ambient song with a bit of a rock oriented cello section.  Following that up is “Mexico” which is where most Calgarians go during the winter months (again, fitting) and is another dreamy power pop lullabye with Nathan Korotkov’s baritone washing my dreary Sunday away.

ModicomThe Icestorm
“The Icestorm” (mp3)
“Mexico” (mp3)
from “The Icestorm”
(Big Rig Records)

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p.s.  If you end up liking the tracks, unfortunately I am not even sure where to purchase a copy as the indicated label doesn’t even offer the album or have them as an artist…