One For The Team’s “Build A Garden” – now available!

Build A GardenOne for the Team
“Garden” (mp3 removed)
“Best Supporting Actress” (mp3)
from “Build A Garden”
(Afternoon Records)

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Just thought I would put something out that didn’t find itself drifting along in the currents of Sad Bastard Sea.  One For The Team brings us up with a little bit of catchy indie rock/pop from the just released EP of new and re-arranged tracks from this Minnesotan foursome (current lineup as there has been at least 4-5 other members over the course of the project).  Maybe we don’t need all the hype about an Arcade Fire song and simply find the “less theatrical” version of that very Montreal uber-indie band.  Maybe Minneapolis is the new Montreal?  Okay the two bands aren’t that similar, but something struck me when first listening to a few tracks…maybe it was Ian Anderson’s vocal style or the cadence of the drumming in “Garden” but who knows what I am talking about half the time.

The digital version is just out and the limited to 500 copies EP will be up for consumption on March 31st – pre-orders available from their MySpace page & Label page if you feel so inclined.

Sometimes you just need a bit of zip in your step, my Thursday will start with such zip with my current favourite “Garden” and the next closest thing, “Best Supporting Actress”.


*EDIT – Sorry folks, upon request from Ian, I have removed the “Garden” track (still great track, so search out the EP and pick up a copy).  Apparently the track was approved, then not approved so I will update if it gets “re-approved”!