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Trespassers William new EP preview – “Sparrow”

So the new EP “The Natural Order of Things” from Trespassers William will be released on May 25th and it is another great ambient electro-indie folk collage.  While I tend to like most of TW stuff (come on, “Different Stars” and “Having” were great) and tend to fall over backwards at any chance I get to compliment Anna-Lynne Williams, so what else am I going to say about this EP??

It is a bit darker and ethereal (at least after a few listens) than most TW stuff and it might turn off the casual listener, but you gotta let it steep.  At the same time take the auditory darkness and use it to fill the air with an epic journey through echo, reverb, acoustic accent, backing percussion and a plethora of sounds of which only the band knows.  All while Anna-Lynne’s haunting vocals pulling you along the length of the 5 tracks and 24 minutes.  You can get a great idea by the lead off track “Sparrow” included below.

“Sparrow” – Trespassers William – from 2009’s “The Natural Order of Things”

Also enjoy some of the love from 2006’s “Having” album with the video for “Weakening” if only for back story and example of what beauty TW can create.

Visit Trespassers William on their Website and pre-order “The Natural Order of Things” here.  If you can’t wait for the delivery – pick up the digital copy at CD Baby.




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