Absolutely The Best Unreleased Recordings – J. Tillman

So anyone who knows me knows that I am a little bit ridiculous about J. Tillman – the solo stuff.  Not that everyone immediately jumps his role in Fleet Foxes anymore, as most of you know him separate from his day job (I hope).  That being said, I almost wept uncontrollably when Adrian over at I Pick My Nose Blog finally put a link up to a set of 6 year old demos from Mr. Joshua Tillman back in February.  This set of demos has continuously impressed me and is a collection of almost entirely unreleased music (1 song, “Ties That Bind” did eventually make it to his sophomoric release “Long May You Run, J. Tillman”).  I can honestly say that this was the single best thing (musically) to happen to me in the last bit, yes dramatic, but true none the less.

Sure, J. Tillman released “Vacilando Territory Blues” this year and it is great album, but the “Demo Cassette” is so incredibly intimate, delicate and beautiful, I feel it out shines VTB (and anything else released by anyone out there recently).  So to say I recommend it would be an understatement – It is a must.  If you enjoy the early J. Tillman albums like “I Will Return” and “Long May You Run”, PLEASE visit “I Pick My Nose” HERE to sample and download the 9 tracks – you will not regret it.  From the moment he relives his youth with his brother Zach in “Kids” or the quiver in his voice on “Tripwire” – chills will form, eyes will glaze over, breathing will become slow, you will be lost in it.

So I am posting one song in order to persuade you to head over yonder to get the rest.  I take no credit for anything here, you must send your praise/readership/cheques & money orders to IPMN and this elusive “friend” that provided said recordings.  I for one will always be indebted for the songs, for they are absolutely the best unreleased recordings I am aware of, period.