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I’m Going to The Deep Dark Woods Next Week, So There.

So Friday, April 17th, 2009 I am taking the Mrs. to see some good ol’ Saskatchewan Countrified Canadiana (or SCC as we know it) in The Deep Dark Woods.  This is going to be good.  I already think “Winter Hours” is a top 10 album (or top 5) at this point and with the immediate availability of pints of decent lager, there could be no wrong.  This is going to be good.

I admit I love the more mellowed out country ballads by the group, but I am sure after a few pints, me and the little lady will be getting into the Honky Tonk.  So, in order to make you jealous, please take a listen below to a few tracks that I am very much looking forward to, courtesy of their newly launched website.

Ramblin’ Mind
The Straight And Narrow

Five Hundred Meters
River In The Pines

All The Money I Had Is Gone
The Gallows

There you have it, wish me luck as I attempt to accost the band for autographs…





3 responses to “I’m Going to The Deep Dark Woods Next Week, So There.”

  1. herohill Avatar

    Very jealous. Still waiting for them to come here. I looked quickly and thought Ruth & Her Bandwagon were warming the stage, but that’s the night before. Check her out if you haven’t.. a terrific East coast folker.

  2. Laura Avatar

    You basically suck….I’m super super jealous!!!!! I hope they come to Chicago one of these days….

  3. slowcoustic Avatar

    @herohill – yeah, I saw that, was definitely thinking about it…

    @Laura – you are the last person to be jealous of me…you know you get the good concerts in Chi-town!!

    Still very excited about the smaller venue and the great tunes from DDW.