Have a Good Night Series – Great Music, Great Cause

There is still good in the world and this is a shining example of it.  The “Have A Good Night” Series has been around for a couple of years and is currently on it’s 4th compilation in support of Junior Solidarity.  With translation from the French site, I am not quite sure if the compilations are exclusive for charity or simply assisting in its promotion – anyone familiar, please post in the comments any info you may want to contribute.

If you are unfamiliar with Junior Solidarity (English version), it is the French based “charity” that launched an effort, using internet and multimedia, to break the isolation of children with cancer and who are hospitalized in sterile rooms across many hospitals.  The organization provides laptops which provide access to the outside world – keeping the essentially disconnected children, well, connected.  Those children who live separated from loved ones due to the necessity of “extreme hygiene” find themselves not only feeling scared due to their own circumstances, but must feel additional isolation due to often living in hospitals away from family and friends.

It can be painful to think of, but there is help from the music community in the form of the compilations where the artists offer up free contributions of music which is in turn bringing awareness to the cause.  In turn donations are provided to help Junior Solidarity bring a little bit more light through technology.  I discovered this project a while back and don’t know why I haven’t posted sooner.  Originally found via the music that in turn lead to the cause – you can find the music over on Blog up Musique.

Below are tracks from each of the 4 compilations (with Star/Moon actually being the second compilation), with the most recent release coming this past March with a tour being planned for September.

“Stay Golden”Au Revoir Simone
“The Loveliest of Trees”Dawn Landes

“Seaworthy Sleeper”Johanna Kunin (Star)
“Sleeping Some”This Is The Kit (Star)
“Werewolf”Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin (Moon)
“Lullabye”Grizzly Bear (Moon)

“Do The Right Thing”My Broken Frame
“The Sea A Dream”Liz Durrett

“Lullabye For Monkey”La Corda
“Lily’s Knight”My Lady’s House

So good music for a good cause – if you so choose, head over to Blog Up Musique and download all 4 compilations – massive amounts of great talent and a lot to discover (at least for me).  Go on, be one of the good guys.