Things You Find When Not Looking – Frightened Rabbit

Just a quick find that I apparently was oblivious to.  My story goes while looking into some “off the beaten track” songs from Windmill (mentioned previously here) as I am looking forward to his new album, I came across an Australian compilation from “The Lifted Brow”.  I discovered via the website that TLB is more of a literary publication with musical accents at times of which both Windmill and Frightened Rabbit were both featured.  To my surprise I found that the Frightened Rabbit track is one I did not have prior, so my research brought me the below gem while looking for something completely different.

Visit The Lifted Brow HERE and you can find the double CD compilation on their 4th issue.  The track is a nice slowed down number from the Scottish quartet – I for one find it one of their best yet.

Visit Frightened Rabbit on their MySpace page while their actual website is being completed.