PapaFahr – New Release in May, Slowcoustic Approved

Again, I don’t know if we are dealing with Sweden or Norway here as I am getting conflicting information and honestly I am not completely familiar with the area.  One thing I am not conflicted about is the upcoming album from PapaFahr.  I know what you are saying…who is this bearded Norwegian Swede (not pictured)?  Well he has some decent back country Americana – I have said it before and I will say it again, sometimes the best Americana is from nowhere near any America.  Although not all his material is quite as guitar/harmonica as the selected tracks, this poet-cum-musician has the authentic lazy southern charm that belies his Scandinavian roots.  Take a listen below to some samples from the new album and enjoy a few more offerings from previous work.

Visit PapaFahr on MySpace and his Norwegian/Swedish site (is this getting old yet?) here.