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It Seems Like Only Days Since Scott Matthew Was On The Blog

Well friends it was but merely days – or a couple of posts ago that I posted on Scott Matthew!  I am getting into the new album from Mr. Matthew and despite what some call “overwrought” I call pretty darn good (I’m lookin’ at you Morgan – HA!).  I know you can get overwhelmed with some Scott Matthew stuff, but if you are in the mood for it, it’s magnificent.

Since the quick post of the new video for “White Horse”, I heard from the Matthew’s people and they kindly offered up a couple of downloads – I am more than happy to oblige!

The two tracks are from different albums, starting with his self titled release and the track “Abandoned” – this is a classic track and gives you a window into his sound.  You get the piano, cello, gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar alongside his pained delivery, pained in a good way delivery that is.

Abandoned – Scott Matthew – *purchase “Scott Matthew” LP*

The second track is a live version of the song “For Dick” from the new album (which actually is very similar to the album version with a bit of audience appreciation as book ends).  This track is similar to Abandoned, but enjoys a bit more gravitas like the “White Horse” track from the video in the previous post.  Stunning if you like this sort of thing.

For Dick (live) – Scott Matthew – *purchase “There Is An Ocean That Divides And With My Longing I Can Charge It With A Voltage Thats So Violent To Cross It Could Mean Death”*

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One response to “It Seems Like Only Days Since Scott Matthew Was On The Blog”

  1. Leentje Avatar

    I’m wild about this album. True, when in the mood… it’s just awesome!