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Eamon McGrath Makes Whiskey Sound Good

Just thought I would post something that oozes of late night, being down on your luck and gritty back alleys.  But for some reason it is something that still draws you in like its home.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Edmonton’s Eamon McGrath.

First showing on Slowcoustic had Eamon on a playlist here with the track “I Am Deer” from his Dead Empire EP which also brings you his post punk songwriter presence.  Just something about his voice, it is as if he spent the night screaming at the house band, only to end up sitting down after closing and showing them how it’s done.  The guy can belt it out and shake the room, but I find he truly excels in the gothic americana of his slower stuff.  If you like the below, make sure you hit up his MySpace page and download the Dead Empire EP – highly recommended.

If you needed a touch more, check out the good folks at Herohill for a bit more in depth look at the new album “13 Songs of Whiskey & Light” on their review here.


13 Songs of Whiskey and LightEamon McGrath

“Welcome to the Heart” (mp3)
from “13 Songs of Whiskey and Light”
(White Whale)

More On This Album




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