Rounding Out The Week with Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan
“Jane, I Still Feel The Same” (mp3)
They Were Wrong” (mp3)
from “Matthew Ryan Vs. The Silver State”
(00:02:59 LLC)

More On This Album

There is something about the YouTube video above, just how casual Mr. Ryan is about the song, just standing there performing it masterfully.  It is something like this that makes me feel untalented and ever impressed to those who create great music.  Matthew Ryan has some of the best down trodden songwriter tracks around.  He has been a favourite for a few years and if I can, I would like you to purchase “Concussion” and “Regret Over The Wires“.

If you are lucky enough (and I forget where I found them) search out “Hopeless to Hopeful” and “Dissent From the Living Room” that he self released a while back. Take a listen to “I’m An American” below and tell me it isn’t one of the best songs you have ever heard, period.

Visit Matt Ryan on his Website and MySpace, pick up an album – contribute to one of the good guys.