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Sean Rowe’s New Album is “Magic”

When you hear Sean Rowe start up, you can’t help but picture a gothic version of the South, or what I envision what the South would be like.  As I don’t really know much of the real South and I am sure many residents of this mythical “South” would guffaw at this Canadian, I still have my hopes.  My hopes are that there is always a haze of gritty and sweltering heat, an open field next to a rushing creek and chairs made from long dead trees.  This is the South that Sean Rowe makes me think of, one of many long told stories and old community churches on the outskirts of small towns.  While his music takes you to such places, it is his voice that brings it all to life, take a listen to see for yourself.  Think of a more folk revival singing Bill Callahan…so you know its going to be good.

MagicSean Rowe
“Surprise” (mp3)
“Old Black Dodge” (mp3)
from “Magic”
(Collar City Records)

More On This Album

The new album is “Magic” and was released on Collar City Records this past April.  Visit Sean on his Website and his MySpace for some more listening and info.  Drop by the Collar City Store to pick up a copy!


p.s.  Head to his MySpace and listen to “American” & “Wet” (both from the “Magic” album) – pretty frickin’ good.  Oh, and sorry about the title of the post, I had to.



One response to “Sean Rowe’s New Album is “Magic””

  1. oivier Avatar

    I guess i failed reading this post due to the title ;)
    I’m listening to this album right from Mr Rowe’s website it’s damned good…