Ivana XL – The Info, Music and Interview!

Remember the name because she is great.  Remember the name because there is a new album on the way.  Remember the name because you are listening to the next “Cat Power meets PJ Harvey”, and that is saying something.

I have been listening to this Ivana’s music for a couple of years from first discovering her from some blogs that I visit on a regular basis – I think it was “You Ain’t No Picasso” who I believe is a huge supporter.  Fans, including myself, of Ivana XL find her catchy but not trendy /dark but not brooding / Lo-Fi but enveloping – as you can see, I really like her.  If you are a reader of this blog, you will know I fall in love with artists that bring lo-fi starkness to beautiful harmonies and Ivana does just that.  I just picture her in a make shift recording studio in her bedroom, guitar in hand, singing within herself – she doesn’t have to rely on mixing and more mixing to get it just right, it sound perfect the way it is.  Don’t get me wrong, with the right crew – this post punk singer songwriter may be the next indie darling – this just might be on the way with her next project.

Below is a short interview with Ivana that not only gives you the information but a glimpse into her personality – possibly this guitar wielding pixie is the girl next door, the one you always think back upon and say “I should have got to know her better” – now is your chance.

5 Questions with Ivana XL

  • So the name…what is “Ivana XL”?

It’s just my name with an XL at the end haha. I wish I could make that
more interesting. Actually it was my friend TK who gave me the name a
few years ago. We were at a party and he started saying like “Ivana
Tinkle, Ivana Humpalot…Ivana XL” I was like OH YEA? I LIKE IVANA XL!
It stays!

  • How/Where did you get the urge to become a musician?

I’ve just always played music since I can remember. I think a lot of
musicians are like that. It’s a lot like breathing. It’s not really
something I chose to do, because if I had my choice I’d totally be
passionate about the law, or medicine.. you know $$. My first song
was “Stuck on you (Like glue)” which I wrote when I was 5 haha. I
moved around a whole lot when I was a kid, almost ever year, so it was
something that kept me calm and I guess sane. I was also very very shy
so it was something I could do to come out of my shell, even if it was
only me in my bedroom recording on a 4-track. I started out playing
the violin because my dad is an orchestra conductor.. and then I heard
Nirvana and went with an electric guitar.

  • What are some artists you enjoy or have found yourself contributing to your music?

Like I said Nirvana was so so huge for me. Pavement, Guided By Voices,
Billie Holiday still makes me weepy. I think those were the big
obsessions. There’s so much amazing stuff out now. We are in a
beautiful time for music. Even the stuff on the radio, the pop songs,
Britney. I love Britney. I love Amy. I’m not really that picky.

  • Where are you located, performing – where can the people see/listen/experience Ivana XL?

I live in Brooklyn. I love it here! Some shows coming up are:

May 26, 2009, UNION HALL
June 11th UNION POOL (Showcase for Northside Festival)

  • New album coming up? What is happening!

It might be a full album? It might just be an EP? We are 5 songs in.
I’m working with a producer for the first time named Dan Chen. He’s
wonderful. These songs are definitely different from what I’ve done in
the past. There’s other STUFF on the recordings. Little tinkly bells.
Piano. They sound happier, poppier.. you know, just a different side.
I’ve never worked with anyone on songs before. I always just wrote a
song and immediately recorded it without much thought about a bridge
or structure, which I think was good because it just came out
honestly, like throwing up… but then there’s another way to kind of
guide a listener through a song. There’s a climax. There’s this little
sound you were not expecting. There are formulas. Definitely
experimenting and having a lot of fun with it. Besides that I’m going
to release a full album worth of super old stuff, very soon, on the

There you have it, thank you to Ivana for becoming the newest member of the Slowcoustic family!  The songs included are “2043” from her “EP”, “Sundowner” from her “Ivana XL” EP and a bonus cover of Carly Simon’s “Nobody Loves You Better”!

Check her out on MySpace HERE, follow her on Twitter – @IVANAXL.
Head to iTunes to purchase her Self Titled EP HERE and her EP HERE.