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Alessi’s Ark & Catherine A.D. peel the covers and ease you into your day.

Wake up folks, it’s Saturday and it is eerily close to summer here in Calgary and I know this as my first good patio experience was yesterday.  Well…the basics were there at least – sun, suds, good food and good conversation.  Despite me and my wife wearing most of her sister’s balsamic dressing due to our server’s attempt to place items incorrectly, it was nice.

But today is another day and it looks like another nice one.  The sun has risen and I am feeling like grass between my toes might be needed – many take it for granted, but lush grass on bare feet is what summer is about.  So peel back the covers people and get out there.  I know it can be a struggle on a Saturday morning, but let’s have a couple of really nice covers to help you throw back yours and get the day started.

Alessi’s Ark – “Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)”Visit Her.

Catherine A.D. – “The Book Of Love (Magnetic Fields cover)”Visit Her.







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