What’s new around Slowcoustic HQ? Well….

Just sitting around in the “war room” of the internet media distribution centre here at Slowcoustic and was just doing a status check.  I know what you are thinking – “But Sman, this could take years of 3rd party inspections, focus groups, revenue audits…it’s not worth it!”.  Well friends, let’s do it the old fashion way…you know…crawling out of bed, half dressed and hit the computer in the spare room.  Nice – let’s get started.


  • The new logo has been up for a week or so…thoughts?  Too big, too small, just right?  I am also asking as a few people have mentioned that the logo is almost invisible!  How you ask – some browsers are not displaying the lighter strip across the top (the one with clouds and some handwriting) and it is simply all the brown background – which would make a black logo hard to see!  THIS PHOTO is what is should look like.  If it doesn’t look like this to you send me an email to let me know and include your browser type and release – for example Firefox 3.0.1, etc.
  • Speaking of logos…I think we are going to make up some stickers and possibly a shirt or two (mostly because I want one), but if you think you would want one – let us know (comments or email).

New Blogroller Alert!!! I have been following some bloggers via twitter and am including a couple more today as they have consistent quality posts, commentary and just are good places to find yourself.  The two included at this point are:

  1. Captain’s Dead – Greg finds himself along the indie lines and runs a successful blog with a lot of content and you can rely on solid info.  You can also follow on Twitter – @captainsdead
  2. Muzzle of Bees – Ryan is definitely one of the more popular blogs around (not unlike Captains Dead) and for good reason – quality, great info and good taste.  Follow on Twitter – @muzzleofbees

Okay you probably already follow both these blogs, but there are soo many good blogs out there, that honestly my blogroll could get away from me!  I have also picked the above as they are very entertaining via twitter.  Social media works then, doesn’t it class?

Well I will leave you today with a couple of Canadian acts that are included in a project I posted on for You Crazy Dreamers.  The project is “Saved By Saskatoon” and is chock full of great music and surprisingly enough a gratis download as needed.  The two tracks included are a orchestral gothic journey entitled “We Will Be Born Again” from These Hands as well as the gorgeous prairie ballad “My Ghost, Your Ghost” from Pearson.  Enjoy.