Auld Lang Syne’s “Midnight Folly” – A Pun and Great Music Intended

Auld Lang Syne are coming into their own and taking me along with them.  The new album “Midnight Folly” combines Americana, Rock n’ Country and epic soundscapes.  This is the band that brings it all to the table and gives you a great album with waves and surges of sound, backs off with the perfect hush then brings it all back with gritty goodness.  I dare say this album got past 2nd base with me upon first date listen…

My first trip along the prairie sun stained tracks of Auld Lang Syne was their 7″ release for “Where My Fortune Lies” of which that very track receives it’s proper album release on this album (see my previous post with the tracks HERE).  While that EP was merely a taster of what was to come with “Midnight Folly” – I really feel they have more of a full band sound and have grown a bit more gritty cowboy with this release.  So to say it’s a worthy purchase is an understatement.

From the banks of “Four Rivers” apocalyptic Southern Gothic to the crooner ballad of “Rusty Prayer” or the combination of both in “Why We Cry” this album is racing up my favourite releases for the year.  If one song sums up this album it will be the almost 12 minute “Autumn Epitaph” – this is the song that you dream of when it is 1:38am after a night of great friends, many beverages and great music.  It is also the song you will be singing along with in that moment where you realize that Auld Lang Syne is now “your” band – it picks you up and dusts you off, carries you to new heights while at the same time ends with a lament for the ages…fan-freakin-tastic.  Once you purchase the CD, look deep into the photos included with it – you see the band, where they live and breathe in the moment on stage – these pictures along with the epic “Autumn Epitaph”, if it doesn’t give you shivers – you don’t like great music.

To get an idea of what a great show will be: The Avett Bros. (!!!) will be on the bill with Auld Lang Syne upcoming this June – see below for the East Coast dates:

June 13th – The Filmore in New York, NY
June 14th – Waterstreet Music in Rochester, NY
June 16th – Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, PA

Visit Auld Lang Syne over at the good folks at Viperbite Records, pick up an album now while you can by clicking RIGHT HERE.