Thinking Warmer Thoughts With “Hot” Playlist: June Snow in Calgary Mix

I am a little sad as I awoke to snow on the ground this June.  Yes, snow in June.  I know many of you are thinking…”But Sandy, you live in Calgary….that is in Canada!”.  Damn it, it still shouldn’t snow in June.  I have already had my sunburn from a couple weeks back fade and now we are back to snow!  Texas here I come.

Well enough bitching, it is still the weekend and I can sit around (re: hibernate) watch a few movies, listen to great music, snuggle with the missus.  I will also be hoping for warmer weather, and to help that cause let’s start with musical selections that might help (in title at least).

“Fire” / Josh Preston
/ Lost in the Trees
“Fire In My Chest” / Old Lost John
“Fire In The Hole” / Olivia Chrestomanci
“I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover)” / A.A. Bondy
“Eyes Like a House on Fire (Vinyl Bonus Track)” / Chad VanGaalen

Let’s hope this helps bring a bit of warmth to Southern Alberta….