Horse Feathers do in fact have a home

…it is over at HearYa, with the newly released live session with Horse Feathers recorded in early May 2009.  If you like Horse Feathers, you will love this session.  The use of instruments: the aching of the violin, the pining of the saw, all along Justin Ringle’s voice holding you transfixed.  These live session tracks only solidify my thoughts of Horse Feathers being one of the greatest “folk” bands in the last few years (I want to say longer, but they really haven’t been around that long in the big picture).  Of the 4 tracks, “Heathen’s Kiss” is my stand out…so freakin’ good.

So class, head over to HearYa, and visit the HearYa Live Session 49: Horse Feathers to get blown away.

Watch the official video for “Curs in the Weeds” below then head over to get the live session version!


p.s.  Don’t forget their Daytrotter Session as well.  Purchase a copy of “House with no Home” from Kill Rock Stars HERE.