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Gareth Dickson’s Sunday Morning.

Gareth Dickson, photo by THE Juana Molina

Just a quick post on Gareth (although he is deserving of more) – I simply needed to put this out there as I was listening to his “Collected Recordings” this morning and had to post.

There has been fewer perfect moments than a tranquil back yard on a Sunday Morning…the yard half immersed in sunlight and the other half (where you find yourself on the precipice of) still in the shade.  The shaded side still with the dew beneath your feet from the cool, yet crisp grass…slowly warming up due to the ever approaching sunlight.  For those moments in the dewy shade…with that first cup of coffee and Gareth’s delicate vocals drifting over what can only be described as Slowcoustic.

Enjoy a couple of tracks and swing by Polymorphic net label to pick up a free 9 track sampler that includes these two tracks.  More info at his Website and MySpace page.
Pick up a copy of “Collected Recordings” from the Drifting Falling Label HERE.

“As You Lie” – Gareth Dickson
“Climbing” – Gareth Dickson




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