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Song of the Day – Graham Lindsey’s “Tomorrow is Another Night”

Graham Lindsey

This one ain’t new to me, but it is from one of my favourite albums of last year – “We Are All Alone In This Together” from the banjo wielding Lindsey.  The song, friends is “Tomorrow is Another Night” and it is one of the best.

As I tend to, I enjoy a unique voice or vocal delivery and Graham Lindsey does not disappoint and do not shy away as once it finds it’s home, you will need more and more.  The album in question where this track is from is full of Southern style blues folk and even bluegrass with honky tonk.  Something that if I thought I would be typing in my younger years I would have scoffed at my older self.  Well younger self, get your head out of your ass…listen to this frickin song!

Visit Graham Lindsay on MySpace and pick up an album on iTunes.

We Are All Alone in This TogetherGraham Lindsey
“Tomorrow is Another Night” (mp3)
from “We Are All Alone in This Together”
(SPACEBAR Recordings)

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2 responses to “Song of the Day – Graham Lindsey’s “Tomorrow is Another Night””

  1. Leentje Avatar

    Adore the album, lightened up this year’s long long winter.

  2. Smansmith Avatar

    I know, that album is stellar! The guy needs more attention to say the least.