Homage to J. Tillman (or maybe not)

Found the below video over on Vimeo while looking for a nice J. Tillman video to post (as the one I want to post is not offered for embedding – see below link) and was a bit struck by the video.  It is directed by Tyler T. Williams and is called “seventwentysix” as in the time I presume.  Just take the video for what it is, don’t get all art-house on it, it’s just one person’s musical selection for his personal vignette.  The visuals are to the backing of Tillman’s “Take Care” from the “Documented Tour EP” for those of you who have it.  Hope you like it.

seventwentysix from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

There is a new live exclusive session and interview over on RockFeedback TV HERE.  Please go and watch it through, the performances are incredible.  One day I will be able to see the man play live.  Anyone with duct tape, gas money and a willingness to transport unwilling passengers across the Canadian border – I have money if you bring Josh to Calgary.  Nuff said.

“Take Care” – J. Tillman – from 2006’s “Documented (2006Tour EP)”


p.s.  If you haven’t heard Tillman’s tribute “My Proud Mountains” for the upcoming Townes Van Zandt project – check it on MySpace HERE.  Try a bit more info on that amazing project over at For The Sake Of The Song as well.