Best New Music – Meursault’s “Nothing Broke” EP

Nothing Broke EP cover

So best new music.  It is actually one of my categories and surprisingly gets selected on a pretty decent schedule.  This is because I tend to cover music that I like (go figure).  That being said, listen up people, BEST new music!

Meursault comes to me from Song, By Toad blog owner/operator Matthew Young.  In fact, this comes from Song, By Toad Records owner/operator Matthew Young (dude has his shite together already) and is on repeat over at Slowcoustic HQ.  I mention this fact because bloggers receive a lot (…did I say A LOT) of music sent to them and often it is unwarranted or just not what I’m looking for.  Mr. Toad knows his stuff, so you tend to listen when he recommends stuff…even his own labels stuff.  I find being fairly “niche” in my slow and acoustic/folk corner of the world, my submissions tend to be on target for the most part, which is good.  But you have to still take every suggestion with a grain of salt as everyone thinks their music is top notch, when often it is good, but not “Best New Music” worthy.  This recommendation was both warranted and worthy.

I take suggestions from people who know their stuff sans salt so I knew this EP was going to be right up my alley and if you are into a powerful, down tempo indie folk EP that catches you immediately – then this is it.  When I say catches you immediately it is not because it has the pop hooks that leave you tapping your toes during the early morning sales meeting, but it pulls a connection out of you with its soaring vocals, banjo, ukulele, piano in tow.  There is something to be said about the skill to put a collection of songs together that actually become cohesive, a collection that doesn’t necessarily match, but “goes”, ya know?  Example could be the duo of songs “William Henry Miller”, with part II my preference for its ambient take and part I for it’s version of the downtrodden pop track. Then there is “Love and Limb” which brings a more traditional singer songwriter vibe that feels like it wants to be that sea shanty sing along you crave for at 2am – this is something I am always a sucker for.  You even get a bit of an up(ish) tempo lullabye (ish) ditty with “Red Candle Bulb” – it will get you tapping that toe, but unfortunately ends prior to two and half minutes…

I leave you with the title track “Nothing Broke” because it brings the essence of the EP.  You get the chanting of harmonies, vocals that pierce and float above, the backing piano/accordion/banjo filling the soundscape.  It is either that or Mr. Toad threatened to “pack up my little bits” if I posted any other tracks…

“Nothing Broke” – Meursault – from 2009’s “Nothing Broke” EP

Visit Meursault on Song, By Toad Records and MySpace.

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p.s.  These guys must kill live in Edinburgh…