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It has been a while since I did a blog round up, so it is more than needed.  There are soo many great blogs out there, so much great music, that I cannot keep up with it, so thank goodness for my blogroll peeps!  Lets see what they have been discussing lately.


  • Captain Obvious issued forth another “Covers” mixtape (always a great selection) – Find volume XIX HERE.
  • Another Captain (Captains Dead) updates on the Roadside Graves tour HERE as well as launches a blog within a blog (Pop Zeus).
  • Herohill shows us a preliminary “Best of 2009”, well part one at least.  We are both on board for that Timber Timbre album as well…check it HERE.
  • I Pick My Nose blog owner Adrian is moving!  Yes, he is heading South Africa and will be on sabbatical for his music blogging.  Get there now to soak it up while you can, we only have about a week left!.  VISIT HIM.
  • Posts, posts and more posts on the Siren Music Festival adorn Knox Road blog.  Not always afraid to tell it like it is reporting, so check it for yourself…
  • Speaking of festivals, obviously Pitchfork came and went – See Love Shack, Baby – for a great play (at Pitchfork) by play (after Pitchfork) on Frightened Rabbit HERE.
  • Speed of Dark always do a blog round up, just like this one (but on a regular basis that you can count on) each Friday – yesterday’s was “Tomato Time” – Check it HERE.
  • Finally, Tsururadio has fallen in love with a man…Portugal, the Man to be exact.  Great post on a new chapter of the relationship HERE.


I will leave you today with a great sing along from Nathan Oliver out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  While this track from their “Cloud Animals” album released back in March doesn’t fully bring the scope of the band, I really like it.  The band has more energy than this “Slowcoustic” version of the band may lead you to believe.  The album “Cloud Animals” is a collection of music from the past two years and enjoys a more coiled energy – you feel the indie rock in them pushing through.  They have the rock n’ roll of summer with the singer songwriter chops and well penned lyrics of a folk band.  They mix elements of rock, folk, country (seen in tracks like Alone in a Fog and How Small We Have Become) while still bringing elements of fuzzed out post rock (Red Panda) with lullabye goodness (Cloud Animals).  Nice little collection of tunes.

“State Lines Pt. 3” – Nathan Oliver – from 2009’s “Cloud Animals”

Check them out on their Website and MySpace.

Pick up a copy of the Album over at Pox World Empire for $10 by clicking the album cover below or you can always download from iTunes HERE.

Nathan Oliver - Cloud Animals