Get Your Pre-Order on: Lightning Dust’s “Infinite Light”

Lightning Dus - Infinite Light

Recommendations, recommendations.  Bloggers have many.  Most are pretty decent recommendations and for the most part we (hopefully) know what we are talking about.  As I often talk out of my ass, take what I say with a grain of salt – I obsess on bands or albums or songs, so when I am listening – I recommend as it is the best thing and only thing I can hear at that moment.  Well something is about to be around more and it does come recommended from me.  Long rambling opening short – the Vancouver duo Lightning Dust (representing “East Van” to those in the know).  I like Lightning Dust…a lot.

The new album has more production value than their debut self titled album from 2007, but it is often a shaky ground when you incorporate additional elements into something that is soo clearly already working.  I have to admit that I did sigh audibly after my first listen.  There is still the echoing, haunting aura that Amber Webber and Joshua Wells bring to you, the listener.  This time there is just a bit more outward instead of inward aura, ya know?  A perfect example of this would be the track “Take It Home” – you have strings, bass lines, high hats – yes, high hats – and it comes out great.  They don’t present like they are trying too hard or that someone has come into the studio and started molding them to something else.  Okay, enough about the evolution of band sound and the fact that it progresses and grows!

The band is known for a bit of performance value in the sound – it is like they could fashion a very comfortable lifestyle by sound tracking pulp horror flicks.  But the pulp horror flick that gets known more for it’s soundtrack then its box office appeal, imho.  They do not disappoint with “Infinite Light” – and no matter how hard I try, I want to say it is a little 70’s retro keyboard infused chamber pop.  As much as that puts into your head about how they actually sound, take a listen to the below track to hear the sounds I am stumbling to describe.

“Never Seen” – Lightning Dust – from 2009’s “Infinite Light”

Now, lets move along to a cryptic psychedelic theatre tune – complete with those keyboards.  The track feels as if it is about to take off, but pulls back each time.  Definitely a more upbeat tune meant to get you the hell out of your seat.  Take a spin.

“I knew” – Lightning Dust – from 2009’s “Infinite Light”

Of the two tracks above, I lean toward “Never Seen” as I do run a blog called Slowcoustic and it is the more moody track…. There are more stand out tracks such as “Dreamer” that bring a pounding string section and “Honest Man” that enjoys a duet of Webber and Wells that can only be described as “Broadway Folk as seen by Pink Floyd’s ‘TheWall’…” – it is spectacular!  Overall it is a bit of a concept album approach and it is definitely meant for the stage – but my headphones will definitely do for now.  Make sure you pick up a copy this August (I believe it is the 4th) or think about catching them on tour with the always great Cave Singers this September (check dates here)

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