Song of the Night – “Canadian Song” by Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond - The Green Fury

Kind of an slow day on the blog the last couple of days due to host issues and “overworked” servers lending to delays in service.  I apologize for anyone who has tried to get here and was put off by the extremely slow loading times.  In true Canadian fashion, I apologize to you for something not in my control.  We are good people.

In concert with that opening statement – song of the night is a great little ditty from a few years back (7 or so years if I had to say) with “Canadian Song” from Matt Pond PA’s “The Green Fury” album.  Nice little album and nice little end to the night.  The weekend awaits.  I send you off with a track that both is mellow enough to ease the night, but make you want to join in when the chorus hits.

“Canadian Song” – Matt Pond PA – from 2002’s “The Green Fury”

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