A Band We Need More From: Hezekiah Jones

taken from "Recording at studio 4" by Lisa Schaffer

I just want to say that I would like more of Hezekiah Jones.  Raphael Cutrufello (and crew) were introduced to myself via the good folks at Yer Bird Records and after 2 solid albums, some compilation work and a nice split with Chris Bathgate (see video below) – but I still need more.  Compared to many but matched by few, the vehicle known as Hezekiah Jones brings fresh air into the crowded genre.  A man who can perform intricate acoustic tracks and then wind up and cover the floor with indie pop harmonies without losing a beat.

Check out a personal favourite (like real favourite, not just for the post – a real legitimate “favourite”) Albert Hash from the 2006 release “Hezekiah Says You’re A-OK”.  If you are not familiar, make sure you stream “Agnes of the World” on the Yer Bird site as well – killer.

“Albert Hash” – Hezekiah Jones
“Albert Hash (live at Milkboy, January ’08)”


Swing by Yer Bird Records for some more sampling and make sure you hit his MySpace page and Website for everything you can find.
You can pick up both of the HJ albums at Yer Bird, plus the split with Chris Bathgate can be found at the Quite Scientific site.