Newest facination: foreign female singer-songwriters! Haruko’s “Wild Geese” being the reason

Sorry for some downtime on the blog lately, life getting in the way: Family visiting, little access to the “spare room” or “Slowcoustic Headquarters” as I know it.  Also quit the day job on Friday – newly working for private business (no longer a corporate monkey) on web & marketing!  Very excited.  So I have stolen away for a quick blog post…

What also is exciting at the moment is the new album from Haruko “Wild Geese”.  Susanne Stanglow (aka Haruko) plays a very much traditional folk – it feels pure, classic and absolutely stunning.  This one is climbing up the ‘best of 2009 list’ daily…

RIYL – Alela Diane, Mariee Sioux, Sybylle Baier, etc.

Catch a couple of videos – one from the album and another of a Devendra Banhart cover.


Visit Haruko on MySpace HERE or on her label HERE.

Pick up an album on Bracken Records Here (but be prepared to pay a bit, but all worth it!).