The “I’ve been gone so long, so here is a bunch of covers” post, or this post title is soo long it could be a Sufjan Stevens album demo.

Covers as impersonation?  Discuss.

So I have been away from posting new stuff (or old stuff for that matter) – due to day to day life getting in the way.  I know, this is no excuse – in a cut throat world of mp3/music blogging this comes as a hollow excuse disguised as a “reason”.  Well, dear blog readers, take this as my olive branch, my most humble of apologies for the fade to black around the blog this past week.

So, what better way to provide a pick-up for the masses?  Well, why not put a bunch of “indie covers” on the blog!!  Come on, everybody loves covers, and as shameless of a post this is, you know you will like some, already have others and secretly wish you had posted the one or two.  Regardless, we have a good week upcoming (if I get around to it) – with some giveaways (CD and shirt) so keep tuned, you never know what you may walk away with…other than the below covers!  Most, if not all, have made there way around the blogs, and at least half have already been on this blog, but here they all are once again, in one convenient post.

Slowcoustic’s Apology in the form of Cover Playlist

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (Wilco Cover) / James Eric & Erin Vogel / Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Covers
Return to Me (Sparklehorse Cover) / Travel by Sea / That Horse Yonder (Sparklehorse Tribute)
Say Say Say (Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Cover) / Kesang Marstrand / Bodega Rose
Mistaken For Strangers (The National Cover) / Ian McGlynn / Memorial Day Parade – EP
Wicked World (Daniel Johnston cover) / Jay Bennett / Whatever Happened I Apologize
Shankill Butchers (The Decemberists Cover)
/ Sarah Jarosz / Song Up In Her Head
Hello (Lionel Ritchie Cover) / Blackbird Harmony / Hardwood Exits Demos
Ol’ 55 (Live Tom Waits Cover) / Joe Pug / Live at Schuba’s Tavern 5/1/09
Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath Cover) / Bill Patton / Gets It On
Landlocked Blues (Bright Eyes Cover) / Geri X / Radioactive Drool
Leif Erikson (Interpol Cover) / Lotte Kestner / China Mountain
The Park (Feist Cover) / Bon Iver / Live on JJJ – 01/23/2009
None Of The Above (Weakerthans Cover) / Scott Cooper
Sound and Vision (David Bowie cover) / The Peptides
Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams cover) / Josie Little
Woody (Hayden cover) / Winter Makes Sailors

Zip file of the whole playlist


There you have it, plenty of music to make up for missing 4 days last week!  Let us never speak of this again.