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Sharon Van Etten Re-Releases debut album – Slowcoustic rejoices with CD giveaway!

SVE Cover

So I happen to have an extra copy of the re-release of the Sharon Van Etten debut CD.  Long story (not really) about having two, but the end result is that you readers are benefiting from it.   The story goes…

Yours truly orders a CD once they were available and SVE sends it out with love.  Well sometimes mail gets a bit dodgy going internationally and said CD takes an extended tour through somewhere that isn’t Calgary (where I live).  SVE kindly emails yours truly to see if said CD has arrived, yours truly replied “still waiting” on said CD.

Low and behold about 5 days after advising SVE of no dice on the CD, it goes and shows up!  I rejoiced and immediately ripped it and listened until satiated.  Then, yours truly does not advise SVE of arrival of the bundle of joy and then about 5 days after this another CD arrives.  ANOTHER CD you say!!  Yes, I now have two copies of this beautiful, raw, angelic and hauntingly stark album.  So yours truly feels bad that SVE has sent two CDs and now I must in turn give forth to the community, which is you dear readers.  I am “passing it forward” as that horrible atrocity of a movie of which I steal the phrase taught me.

So, to get the CD, you have to jump through hoops and show me you care and are a supporter of SVE.  In order to even be considered, you have to:

  1. Already be a “friend” on MySpace
  2. Follow on Twitter (come on, how hard is this one)
  3. Provide photographic proof of being at her concert (ticket stub)

If you do not qualify for any of the above 3 items, too bad – get a computer and show love or hit a show (of which she has a schwack of them upcoming with Great Lake Swimmers and even a one each with Meg Baird and Julie Sokolow!).  You also have to then answer a question and be the third person to reply to ADMIN@SLOWCOUSTIC.COM.  Don’t worry about shipping and all that, I will ship to anywhere in the world that accepts mail complimentary.

Question: What 70s/80s/90s/00’s band does Sharon reference in her personal blog web address?

Purchase the above self titled CD here and while you are at it pick up her spectacular new album “Because I Was in Love” at iTunes or at Language of Stone.

“For You” – Sharon Van Etten – Sharon Van Etten (also on “Because I Was in Love”)

Visit Sharon Van Etten on her Website, MySpace and Twitter.





One response to “Sharon Van Etten Re-Releases debut album – Slowcoustic rejoices with CD giveaway!”

  1. slowcoustic Avatar

    Hoops and hoops, you all had to know I wouldn’t just give the CD away…

    Come on people, it’s a fantastic album!!