Status Check – All good, for the most part.


So just a quick status check on the goings on for yours truly.  I know you are all waiting with baited breath on my daily life.  Come on, don’t you feel like we need a connection?  Whatever, well lets look ahead to what is going on around here.

I am working on a few items and features with:

  1. Oweihops‘ new album “Viburnum” will get a review – fantastic album and one of my good online friends, so keep an eye out for it.
  2. Working on getting a decent photo of the new Slowcoustic T-shirts (men’s AND ladies thank you very much) that we have for sale for $25 w/shipping in CAN & US – so get you paypal accounts all up to date!  If you see one in New York this weekend, say “hi” to Scott for me.  Holler if you need – we will be having a give away for one, so you could also cheap out and do that as well.
  3. My last day as a corporate slag will be next Thursday and then I am off to the private sector doing some web & marketing work. Very excited – screw you suit & tie humps!
  4. Still waiting on my iPhone 3GS (I have the 3G regardless) – but Canada has apparently been sold out for the last month…go figure – don’t people get it, shiny things attract attention – must…buy…now…

Well enough of those numbered items, so let’s have some recommendations of listening, visiting, reading and such.

~ Rediscovered the Splice Folk Mix (original versions of traditional folk tunes) that you can pick up HERE by simply getting a splice login, which you should have regardless.  Featured artists include: These United States, Christian Kiefer, Theodore, Deer Tick, Vandaveer, Wye Oak, Phosphorescent and more – 20 artists in total!
~ Knox Road are screening the new Antlers video for “Two” (still like that Hospice album, good stuff) – check it HERE.
~ I agree with Sean over at Battery In Your Leg about not posting “Harry Patch”, drop by and agree with us at BIYL HERE.  By the way, I really like the “flash” of the site, makes me think of a change around here…
~ What was with that Radiohead drama anyway?  Just sayin’
~ Please consider visiting Speed of Dark blog, if for nothing else to show support for one of the good “guys” currently in flux for blogging.  Find a real person behind the blog template HERE.
~ Jeniferever are re-releasing their debut album “Choose a Bright Morning”, so if you like ambient/post rock/shoegaze you will find this a must listen!

Choose a Bright MorningJeniferever
“From Across the Sea” (mp3)
“Alvik” (mp3)
from “Choose a Bright Morning”
(Monotreme Records)

More On This Album

That it for now, enjoy your Thursday.