No post today, but buy a shirt why don’t you.

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Sorry folks, I missed putting something together for today.  There, there, it’s Friday so it isn’t all bad.

Look over to the right – you can now buy SLOWCOUSTIC shirts!!  I have terrible photos of them but I am working on having stupendously bored attractive people model them…  They are pretty nice and hey, they say you are a purveyor of all things slow and acoustic.  They are nice and subdued and not overly flashy, as that is the way I like it around these parts.  My wife made me order “Ladies” shirts as well as chicks complain about long arms and body in shirts…so we gots both mens and ladies to enjoy.  Hopefully I don’t have to sit on these sons of bitches for years.  The shirts are $20.00 plus $5.00/$8.00 shipping to North America/further than North America (that’s $25.00/$28.00 for those of you who are counting) in good ol’ American dollars.

On a totally unrelated front (but not really), how about a more than a bit disturbing song title that has a slight relation to launching new blog shirts?

“Hairshirt” – Pickering Pick, from the album “On Rocket Rapture” from 2004


p.s.  Maybe this will work as well: