Mi and L’au – Good Morning Jokers album via video

Mi and L'au

Mi and L’au are a French/Finnish duo that creates the lullabyes that you always wish you had.  The sound of down-tempo pop as it was meant to be.  The new album “Good Morning Jokers” surprisingly has 4 videos of various tracks already (with 3 below).  As I can only find “Up In The Building” as a promo track, the videos below will have to do.  Definitely an album for the broken hearted and headphone enthusiast.  Piano slowcore at its best.  Please ignore the smoking, they don’t really mean it.


“Up In The Building” – Mi and L’au – from 2009’s “Good Morning Jokers”

The new album released this past June can be purchased over on the Borne Recording Site HERE.
You can visit them on MySpace HERE as well.