Calgary Concert Alert – Mojave! Tonight: August 25th, 2009


Mojave hit the Calgary Concert alert with their Cross Canada Tour stop right here in Calgary tonight at Dickens Pub (locals can find it HERE).  They have hit the roads looking for good folks, good vegan cuisine and now a great show here in Cow-Town (is it okay to say cow-town and Vegan in the same sentence?).

Well, the socially aware crew are currently touring in support of their newest album “Crow’s Funeral” which was released this past May.  The album is their second full length release with the previous effort “Stories” also being a favourite.  You could say they are a mix of acoustic, indie and power pop/rock, all with a conscience.  The new album title “Crow’s Funeral” is aptly fitting with their brand of dark, heavily stringed indie (if indie is even a real description anymore).  They clearly have a more rock background, but as their MySpace page indicates, they have softened with the string elements of violin and viola, which are very predominant in their signature sound.  When I say the sound is “dark”, it might seem darker do to this background, they feel almost coiled up and could let loose at any moment – you know they are going to have a great live show.

If you keep wondering why I am mentioning things like “vegan”, “socially aware” and “with a conscience” it is because this is no ordinary rock and roll band – they could be the next generation of earth friendly musicians.  Simply looking over their blog, where you get the new album, you know that these folks are going to give you a great show and are doing right by just about everybody while doing it.  A great in-depth look at what the band is all about and the efforts they support, Kiwano has a great feature on them HERE.

But come on folks, even if you aren’t into saving the world right at this moment, save your night and head over to Dickens Pub to see the band!  To get you primed up, take a few listens to some tracks from their website.

“The End of the Heartache” – from 2007’s “Stories” album
“Here I Am (Live From the Media Club)” – originally from 2007’s “Stories” album
“Lights Out – Live for Earth Hour”

Check the tour, if you are in any of the below centers,- git on out there and say “hi”.

Crow's Funeral Fall Tour 2009

I will be doing my best to hit the pub tonight as well, so hopefully see y’all there!

Visit Mojave on their Website, MySpace, @Twitter and label page at Black Canvas Records.