The best post image yet on Slowcoustic, and a t-shirt giveaway!

Does Randy need a Slowcoustic Shirt?

Shirts…you know how it goes.  We all need ’em (some more so than others), so why not have them?  They protect you from dangerous UVA/UVB radiation from our ever growing sun, they cover unsightly lesions and they are one half of the requirements to receive service in many retail establishments.  But, why not have one from your favourite acoustic slowcore blog?  Now, we’re talking.

I got a shirt to give away to whomever answers the below question.  It is an easy question and it pertains to my post on The Black Atlantic (find it yourself) – and the question is:

What are the three bands/artists that I described as having similarities and “recommended if you like”?

If you are the 3rd person to email me (, you get a shirt (we have a selection of sizes and ladies or men’s, so don’t fret).  The first and second emails get the opportunity to simply buy one…>gasp<

“The T-Shirt Song” – from Trees Leave, live for Luxury Wafers (see session HERE)


**EDIT – Contest closed, ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!**