Video! HearYa Session with The Deep Dark Woods “All The Money I Had Is Gone”

So long before I joined the “fray of music blogging”, I was a fan of the HearYa music blog.  They had had a great blog in general and then they had this tab for “Live Sessions”.  This blows me away – mostly as a blog owner, I can’t think of the ability to be able to arrange such talent, studios and such…especially in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  One session that I heard about from them is the Deep Dark Woods who are Canadian darlings in the indie scene – or the scenes that I circle at least.   HearYa have gone and had the boys in to the Shirk Music & Sound Studios for another session and it is with our very own Deep Dark Woods.  The session itself will most likely hit the HEARYA blog on Monday or Tuesday and will include new tracks!  From what I have heard, the session is absolutely stellar and what I expect from the boys.  The video below is from the “Winter Hours” album (top 10 for 2009 on Slowcoustic) and the track “All The Money I Had Is Gone”.

I did see them live a few months back, and what I notice is that they become purveyors of the sound that they play.  They enjoy playing and extend many songs longer than what you may find on their recorded CDs.  If this is something you like, you have to see the video for new track “Ballad of Frank Dupree” which comes in at just under 10 minutes.  I am not going to post that video as I want you to wait and see it on HearYa – if it is a sign of new album material – we are in for a treat once again.  If you have been around this summer you may have seen the song performed at various stops (or even on YouTube at the Winnipeg Folk Festival!).  Freakin’ blows you away.  If you do one thing next week, swing by HearYa for the post on The Deep Dark Woods and get 6 tracks of pure Saskatchewan bliss!