Nothing more delicate than “A Book About Elephants”

Milk the Moon

So a little gem of a lo-fi EP fell in my lap recently – and you regular readers (I know you are out there) will appreciate a bit of an accented bedroom recording.  The band is a solo project of Christina Tsui who is going by “A Book About Elephants” and she has a FREE EP distributed from HUSH Recordings!

So the EP was brought about by the brain child of HUSH, Chad Couch, as he found Tsui simply by chance and contacted her about working together on putting something out there.  Low and behold, Tsui’s bedroom recordings (literally) entered the hands of Mr. Couch.  There was some instrumentation added to Tsui’s songs and now we have a full on EP of beautifully delicate lullabies from this young Californian.

So in order to get the word out there about A Book About Elephants, we have this totally free download; but you can always donate the recommended $2.49, which in itself is a great value.  If you like what we promote around here, you will love this album – it is a bit of a DIY masterpiece with it’s simple strumming, honest lyrics and great melodies.  I really recommend “Face First, Feet First”, but the whole thing is excellent.

“Face First, Feet First”
“Copper Kettles”

Swing by the HUSH Shop and MySpace for more info!