Song of the day – Matt Dill’s “Mountain Side”

Lila Rasa

I have been listening to a lot of music, but not posting as much as I should.  I thought I would give you a quick song of the day post to fend of the daily mp3 crowd and the die hard regulars (love you guys!).  Hopefully I can get some decent coverage of some really great albums soon!  Speaking of which….see below.

So Matt Dill is from one of my favourite new(er) record labels that I have become quite fond of.  Orchid Collective has a stable of great talent on the more folk-indie-ambient variety.  While not the label for everyone, everyone should have something from them.  One more of those many options is Matt Dill.

Matt Dill’s new album is a collection of slowcore and art-house ambient tracks loosely threaded together to create more of an experience than a standard album.   As I mentioned with some Orchid artists projects there are parts that are quite stunning and also times of musical experimentation.  So if you are looking for something that you can dig your teeth into but still have the option of more than a few straight forward folky jams – this is a great option for you.  I can say it is getting maximum listening around here.  This continues to prove that the the indie talent quotient at Orchid Collective is extremely deep.

Mountain Side” from Matt Dill – from 2009’s “Lila Rasa” album.  PURCHASE and VISIT, watch below:

Mountain Side -Matt Dill from Zac Eubank on Vimeo.