The Jeckell & Hyde show that is The Big Nasty

The Big Nasty

I am a bit confused by The Big Nasty – they have two CDs coming out and one is more country folk and the other more rock alternative.  I mean each is its own project – and actually kudos to them for having the energies and ability to have two separate albums to promote.  And two CDs being released when you just formed in January of this year!!  Wow, dudes have their shite together.

CD # 1: Downtown is described as:

…what it would be like to meet a girl in a train station, spend three days in a city that you can’t remember, and then get back home to realize that you are still single and no longer have a comma in your bank account.

CD #2: The Sticks is described as:

Like waking up with a hangover in a pickup truck on the outskirts of town with no memory of your last 3 days…

While I am not sure how raucous and/or hazy this band prefers to be, there is a good listen here.  Check out a track from each album below – both “The Sticks” (country) and “Downtown” (Rock) are released on October 15th.  Guess which one I prefer…
DowntownThe Big Nasty
“Life of a Dog” (mp3)
from “Downtown”
(Opus Music Ventures)

More On This Album

The SticksThe Big Nasty
Lay It All Out” (mp3)
from “The Sticks”
(Opus Music Ventures)

More On This Album

**Don’t miss the double CD Release party on Oct. 15th at the Starry Plough in Berkely.  Everyone attending gets a free CD!!

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