I’m Thankful for a great playlist on a day off.

Fry 'em if ya got 'em

So I am not one for actually “celebrating” whatever holiday it is.  I guess I am either complacent or I just don’t care, wait…  No seriously, I might be more of a “Hey, it’s a long weekend” instead of a “Hey, I’m excited to be able to have the time to get together with my family and friends and celebrate “X” because this anniversary of the occasion has deep meaning to me” type of guy.  So, yeah, whatever.

I can be thankful for a long weekend though as that is always better than not having a long weekend.  How do you like that math?  So let’s get on to a playlist this “holiday” Monday for us Canadians.

Walked-on Wood – The Black Atlantic, from Reverence for Fallen Trees
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Family Tree Burning – This Mess Is Mine, from Sign The Drafts EP
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Homecall – Anois , from Tree House Whispers
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I Remember It Just Like This – Essie Jain, from Don’t Run Over The Birds, Please
Tow The Line – Nancy Elizabeth, from Don’t Run Over The Birds, Please
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for my mother – the FOOLS, from Lost and Found
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Getting Late – Emilie Lund, from Emilie Lund EP
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Lakeside Blues – Jessica Baliff, from Feels like Home
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Weaving – OX, from Dust Bowl Revival
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Pins and Needles – Boca Chica, from Lace Up Your Workboots
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Why Would I Cry – Elisapie Isaac, from There Will Be Stars
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That is one great playlist, appropriately sombre depending on how you see this particular holiday.  I hope you like it.