Sunday Morning Lullabies with Kesang Marstrand


Not so aptly titled for a Sunday morning, I am taking another moment to listen to the newest album from Kesang Marstrand entitled “Hello Night”.  As mentioned in my post on her “Bodega Rose” album, this album is that previously mentioned album of original lullabies.  If you have kids, this is the best Slowcoustic gift you could have for them!

Kesang’s nature is to supply us with delicate acoustic songs with her quiet and just ever so breathy vocals.  This is especially true with this album, it is soft and delicate and stunning in the fact that these are all songs that are essentially meant to sing you to sleep (regardless of your age if I had to say).  Despite the fact that there is numerous mentions of sleeping, dreaming & butterflies, the one thing I want to make sure is although this is pretty much a concept album it can stand on its own.  If you enjoy a mellow acoustic gem, you have one in “Hello Night” – why not buy it for the kids and keep it for yourself.

“Sleep Tight” – Kesang Marstrand, from 2009’s “Hello Night”

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