Just something I am looking forward to. More Arborea.

Look for an upcoming feature here on Slowcoustic for this Maine duo as currently the Gothic folk churned out by Arborea is hitting the proverbial spot for me.  What I am working on is putting a more lengthy and thorough post together and hopefully even an interview with Shanti And Buck (of course that is their names) of Arborea pending their availability and if their people can hook it up!

I am also including one promo track to get you on board, it is both Gothic and haunting and still beautiful and ethereal at the same time.  Think of a Boduf Songs intertwined with Trespassers William – they are a current fave for sure.

“Dance, Sing, Fight” – Arborea, from 2009’s “House of Sticks” (re-mastered for the album, originally on their Wayfaring Summer album)

Take a gander below at the great video for River and Rapids as well:

Visit & Purchase Arborea:


p.s.  Don’t you just love this?