Slowcoustic (hearts): Daytrotter, HearYa, WOXY & [Dog]and[Pony]

Jealous Blogger

It’s Friday today, so join me in sitting back and having other people provide you with all the quality music and coverage.  By the blog post title, I assume you gather what is going on here and yeah, I’m doing it.  Shameless post of other people’s hard work…even if it is because they are all doing a bang up job and only mostly making me jealous.  Where to start…..


If I have to tell anyone reading this what Daytrotter is, you must have made it here by mistake.  One of my all time favourite sessions just happened a little while back and was with The Tallest Man on Earth.   This “Man” is Kristian Matsson and he brings the perfect mix of folk and country and a extra serving of twang for the most part.  The song included here is actually a bit of a piano track and is phenomenal mixed with his trademark raspy voice.  The full session includes 4 tracks and ALL are keepers and can be found over at Daytrotter HERE.

“I Won’t Be Found” – The Tallest Man on Earth, Daytrotter Session



Again, HearYa is a great music blog and I almost even consider them part of my blogger circle (if that circle was ridiculously large), but just on a different level.  HearYa also has a silver bullet in their “HearYa Live Sessions” where they have various indie artists record (both audio and video), similar to Daytrotter.  The level of talent that goes through the Shirk Music & Sound Studios/HearYa crew is mind blowing.  Imagine Deep Dark Woods, Low Anthem, Horse Feather, A.A. Bondy among them.  I have picked the most recent as it is also with a good friend of this Blog in Timothy Showalter, or Strand of Oaks.  Showalter does this incredible cover of Bruce Springsteen and you have to hear it, but don’t forget the rest of them over HERE.

“Used Cars (Bruce Springsteen Cover)” – Strand of Oaks, HearYa Session



WOXY is a great radio station that puts together some pretty stellar sessions as well in their “Lounge Act” section.  The session that blew me away recently was the Mumford & Sons, who have crafted their new album “Sigh, No More” from various previously recorded tracks and half new tracks and is a top 5 album for the year for me.  This album makes my sing out loud and is something that you know can bring the house down.  Mumford can hush a crowd with some of the best ballads around and still slap you across the face with a banjo laden, foot stomping jam in only seconds.  The good folks at The Waiting Room turned me onto this recording…I think they had something to do with recording it….  ;-)  Find the full set (5 tracks total) over at WOXY HERE, you will not regret it.

“I Gave You All” – Mumford & Sons, WOXY Lounge Act



Last but not least is a newcomer to me and have now wowed me with two great video of some of the best new indie acts around.  [Dog]and[Pony] is a creation of Nick and Krister from Portland (Maine, not Oregon) who feature great local talent.  The first instance I mentioned was a great live video of Blood Warrior (new album early next year!!) and now they have done a feature on Brown Bird who have a new album coming out on Peapod Recordings.  The video below includes some performances mixed with interview pieces and is something you should be watching and then purchasing next week when the album comes out!  Visit more videos from D&P on their website or over on Vimeo HERE.