Upcoming Calgary Concert Alert: *Nov. 23rd* – Vic Chesnutt & Liz Durrett


Upcoming is a concert I am making sure I am at – the Vic Chesnutt / Liz Durrett performance at the Marquee Room on November 23rd (locals, please note change in venue with Timbre Productions).  Any Calgarians looking to go, please consider confirming, it will be a great show!  I have not seen either artist live and I am very excited to see them both together.  They are not strangers to each other as you can see from one of the tracks below, but it should be quite an intimate show at points – this I am excited for!  You can check previous posts on these two separately – Vic & Liz.

So tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster or from Megatunes locally and they are $20.00 each.  Give a shout out if you are going, maybe some beers are in order with the Slowcoustic crew!

Now Listen:

“Rustic City Fathers” – Vic Chesnutt
“Warm” – Vic Chesnutt

“Somewhere” – Vic Chesnutt & Liz Durrett

“The Mezzanine” – Liz Durrett
“November” – Liz Durrett

Visit Vic Chesnutt HERE and Liz Durrett HERE.  See as many of you as possible on the 23rd!


p.s.  For some new Vic Chesnutt tracks from the excellent “Skitter on Take-Off” – visit Captains Dead here & here.