The world is a very small place. End result, Cam Penner is on my radar.

The world is small and déjà vu and/or coincidences happen all the time.  Let me entertain you with a few facts that may seem not so much coincidental as simply true.

So I was recently called out in front of the class for chewing gum not finding local talent.  The calling out cam from fellow Canadian blogger Herohill and the local talent in question is Cam Penner.  Wait, let’s move back a touch – Craig over at Songs:Illinois posted on a nice little find with Cam Penner.  Said post is read by Herohill and then I am called out on ignoring local talent not finding this great roots/Americana/folk artist that I should have.

Okay, us Canadians sometimes have to rely on our friends to the south to find great artists from our own backyard.  It is bound to happen, Canada is MASSIVELY TALENTED when it comes to the indie music scene.  That is not the coincidental stuff, it comes next.

I look into this post by Songs:Illinois on Penner’s new album and low and behold, I find myself downloading the track and enjoying it quite a bit.  I then look into this Canadian musician and find out he is currently based in Calgary – where I live!  Then I look into it some more and find out Cam Penner is originally from Manitoba – where I moved from!  If anyone reading this is familiar with Southern Manitoba, it is full of smaller (mostly) farming communities and a fairly hefty religious and Mennonite presence.  It does turn out that Cam is from such a Mennonite community in Southern Manitoba…for all I know, he was a neighbor of my wife who is also a Mennonite from Southern Manitoba!  That would be too much so I am not looking into it any longer.

Don’t get me started on the fact that part of promotion for Cam Penner is through Kerf Music who I found out last week is the company our bookkeeper at my current job also works for….come on!

So, long not so interesting story short, listen to Cam Penner.  If you enjoy a bit of down-trodden folk with real Canadiana and a splash of country he is well worth it.

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Also enjoy a video for the track that was posted to start this all:

Visit and purchase Cam Penner: