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Another Blogger Saturday Mixtape! (but this one is great)

Hello Slowcousticals, I bring you a weekend playlist because I don’t have a feature post (let’s just be honest here).  There isn’t even a compromise though because there is some really great music included.  If you are a regular reader or are a member of the Last.fm group, you know I am a bit of a playlist fiend.  So enough with the blather and let’s get to your weekend soundtrack!

Slowcoustic Saturday Playlist (November Edition)

~ Wonder Stranger – Via Tania, from Moon Sweet Moon (Visit)
This is St. Vincent meets Tiny Vipers, really atmospheric.

~ Untitled In May –  Becky, from Some Like The Water (Visit)
Simply stunning.  Stunning and Canadian.  Stunning and Canadian and Albertan!

~ Girl From The North Country – EELS, from The MySpace Transmissions EP (Visit the Sessions)
Nice little cover by Mr. E himself.

~ The Echoes of Time – The Smiles and Frowns, from self titled The Smiles and Frowns (Visit)
Psych folk from across the pond, very catchy and underappreciated.

~ Twenty Cycles To The Ground – Molina & Johnson, from self titled Molina & Johnson (Visit)
Taken a while to post this lead off track, album is definitely better than most, but that was expected.

~ Painting – South China, from Washingtons (Visit)
Folk, orchestral, moves at a snails pace with perfectly matched harmonies.  This one makes you ache.

~ Thirteen – Cam Penner, from Trouble & Mercy (Visit)
Definitely a new favourite – gotta catch this guy next time he comes through!  Highly recommended.

~ Winter – The Diamond Family Archive, from Fife (Visit)
Mellow and German (by way of Bristol), simply great – free download on Woodland Recordings.

~ Island of Broken Glass – Dragon Turtle, from Almanac (Visit)
Wow, ambient “post-folk” with a bit of noise.  Definitely the album with the most “wall of sound/fuzz folk” on this list.

~ Wildmere (live at Lakehead) – Trevor Tchir, live @ Lakehead University (Visit)
Recommended to me from Becky (see above) and this is a great little ditty performed live – more Canadiana for ya!

~ Consolation Prize (live) – Sharon Van Etten, from NYCtaper’s session @ Pianos NY 2009-01-11 (Visit NYCtaper)
NYCtaper has soo much good stuff, this is a “half set” from earlier this year – look for a newly recorded performance from SVE soon!

~ Field Report – Loch Lomond, from the re-released Split 12″ with The Builders & The Butchers (Visit Song, By Toad Records)
Two artists on one piece of vinyl – what’s not to like?  The “Down To The River” from The Builders & The Butchers is also amazing!

~ We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River –  Richmond Fontaine, from We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River (Visit)
Admittedly the slower stuff from RF appeals to me – check “Thirteen Cites” album as well.

~ The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is a Straight Line – Simon Joyner, from Room Temperature/A Collection of Tracks from the Team Love Library (Visit Team Love)
A bit lo-fi, okay, a lot lo-fi and well worth signing up for a collection of various tracks from numerous albums!









3 responses to “Another Blogger Saturday Mixtape! (but this one is great)”

  1. orange Avatar

    just dl’ed. listen to it right now. thx for posting. but “Wonder Stranger”, “Consolation-Prize-live”, “field report”, “We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River” and “The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is a Straight Line” are down…strange…

  2. slowcoustic Avatar

    Ah, damn it! I was playing with the “Bold” and “underline” and couldn’t figure out which one had a hyperlink as they were all bold and underlined!! Too funny, all fixed now.


  3. Addy Smiley Frown Avatar

    hey…thanks for tossin’ the ol’ Smiles and Frownies in the list :) very much appreciated!