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Saturday Quickie {Clint Michigan, E.P. Hall, Akira Kosemura, Josh Preston & Frank Schweikhardt}

Well this one is actually safe for work and is not the quickie some visitors might have been looking for when googling and finding yourself here.  This is a quickie because I am currently in transition with home computers, waiting for delivery guys to deliver some furniture and hence I might only have a fleeting visit to the computer to dedicate to music today.

I thought I would send you on your way into the meat of the weekend with a couple of tracks that I have been spinning lately and are tracks that I thought needed to hit the blog, ergo, you my fine readers.  They kind of span things I enjoy listening to, but sometimes everyone doesn’t enjoy all aspects of what I think “Slowcoustic” means.  Well, I use the term quite loosely and I think the below are some examples of a bit of the range of the genre.

“Hawthorn to Hennepin” – Clint Michigan {Visit}
I don’t know why there isn’t more blog love for this Brooklyn duo, they have such great harmonies and keep it basically singer songwriter with folk tinges of banjo and is just a great listen.

“Mommy Crow” – E.P. Hall {Visit}
This is an example of lo-fi female fronted vocals that draws me in; beautiful, not too over the top and you can both dig into it and drift away with it.

“Drop” – Akira Kosemura {Visit}
Definitely the ambient side of me – Kosemura is one of the artists that create something that is just stunning.  This is a track that is considered electronic, and I am willing to bring it on board a traditionally non electronic blog.  It must be good then…right?

“Question (Old 97s Cover)” – Josh Preston {Visit}
Josh sent this to me due to my covers post last weekend – great job by Josh as I am not really a huge fan of Old 97s.  This is a highly approachable track that might get you on board and then you can find numerous other tracks from Preston – he has a lot!

One last video inclusion for a new album just sent over that is really hitting home – “Life But No More” from Frank Schweikhardt.  Take a listen to The Dead – this is some great slow and acoustic stuff!

Frank Schweikhardt- The Dead from Crossroads Of America Records on Vimeo.



p.s.  The top photo is just a random photo from a hike last year in the beautiful Kananaskis area.




5 responses to “Saturday Quickie {Clint Michigan, E.P. Hall, Akira Kosemura, Josh Preston & Frank Schweikhardt}”

  1. KAC Avatar

    I love that Clint Michigan album. Grabbed it a few months ago on Amie Street. It’s still only $2.42 there (for those in the States).

  2. slowcoustic Avatar

    Hey Thanks @KAC, that album is pretty sweet.

  3. Sean Cannon Avatar

    I love Frank so much. He’s a great songwriting, awesome dude and he has a rock-solid ass. Seriously.

  4. Jesse Avatar

    I have been searching for the exact cover of Question by Josh Preston for over 6 years now. I had given up the search and picked it back up several times in that time and just decided to try again tonight on a whim. Thank you very much!!