It doesn’t cost a thing to slow down – Just ask Jack James

Jack James Cover

You know you are here as you enjoy the hushed delivery and molasses cadence of some great music.  So when you receive notice on an album called “Lights Off, Headphones On”, either it is deep trance or some aptly named Slowcoustic jams and you know you should look into it.

Well folks, this is not your deep trance, although you may find yourself transfixed for at least part of your listen.  Jack James released this album of 10 songs that enjoy a pace I have become familiar with and a sound that finds a home around these parts.  The album is essentially an Americana tinged singer songwriter experience set to 3/4 speed.  Jack names influences like Neil Young, Nick Drake, Damien Jurado, Bob Dylan and the Great Lake Swimmers – good folks all around regardless of these being able to be quoted by numerous singer songwriters around today.  I personally think he did a pretty good job of mixing old and new sounds (including the influences listed) in the creation of his.

James hails from Glasgow and he does a good job of not sounding too European (you will notice his heritage spilling over in a couple of tracks including “Decisions” below) and for the most part could mix him in with a mid western folkster of sorts.   There might be a slight warble at points, but I think it might be him fighting his accent – what’s wrong with a UK Cowboy?  Well, the album is definitely going in the right direction and is currently available as a free download over at his Bandcamp page (see below).  So why don’t you just slow it down a notch, turn off the lights and get those favourite headphones and put them to good use.

“West End Blues Waltz”
“I Am Ready Now” (James really shines in this one)

Visit and Pick up the album: