Just something I’m listenting to, the lovely Julie Fader.

Just something that I’m listening to.

Just something in the form of Julie Fader’s “Outside In” album that was released from Hand Drawn Dracula this past September. It is a great album that I find comparisons of Julie’s vocals to a echoing Sarah Harmer’s “girl next door” vibe with still having a Sarah McLaughlin aura & mystique. So basically you know it will be both beautiful and something you can find yourself listening to anywhere and anytime.

In true Canadian music industry style, Julie had a bit of assistance with some appearances (vocally) from from Chad VanGaalen (she is also on Chad’s “Soft Airplane” album), Tony Dekker (of Great Lake Swimmers, of which she has recorded and toured with GLS for the last two albums), Brian Borcherdt (of Holy Fuck, and is a label mate at HDD with Brian), Sarah Harmer, and Justin Rutledge. Wow. Don’t think that this many contributors takes anything away from Julie, she is front and centre and the album comes highly recommended.

Like I said, just something that I’m listening to. I think you may want to as well.


Outside inJulie Fader
“Maps” (mp3)
“Goodbye Before Hello” (mp3)

from “Outside in”
(Hand Drawn Dracula)

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