My holidays are a breeze. Yes, you read that right.

So this time of year (yes, its one of those posts, but come on…) and it is usually either stressful, taxing, exhausting or simply wears you out.  Or it just might be a combination of any of those ;-)

For me, its usually not too bad as I don’t really take the “holidays” too seriously and now that I am getting a bit older (I said “a bit older” folks) it is less about opening gifts and frolicking in the snow but more about time away from work, drinks and some alone time.  Alone time?  Yes, I am in fact an only child and from a single parent family and I have no children of my own.  Poor me, right?  I don’t know.  Maybe because I was brought up in this scenario that crowds and huge family get togethers seem out of place for me.  If it gives you an idea, my December 25th morning will be me, my wife and my mom who has flown into Calgary for the holidays and my two dogs.  That’s it.  Sure we are heading out to the wifey’s family in the afternoon as there is actually family on her side, but I think maybe it is the quiet times of the holidays that I really like and look forward to.  That and making excuses to buy something excessive for myself because honestly the holidays are not too difficult for me – but one still needs to be rewarded for making it through this time of year!  Yeah, I like that last part about the excessive purchases…yeah…

QUESTION(s):  So, anyone with horror stories or is it all okay for you all?  Did you want to post it in the comments?  Is this a family time of year for you all?  Is this just time away from school/work/hometown and if not is it still something that you look forward to?

Well, for some of you it might not seem as easy as I have made my holidays sound, so my advice is to breathe deeply, slip away every now and then and just think that it will all be over soon.
For you: “The End’s Not Near (New Year Cover)” from Band of Horses.

And if you are into this time of year, I applaud you as you just may be a better person than I.  So for you, how about something a bit more in the season – try a nice little original from previous Slowcoustical
For you:  “Still, Still, Still” from “Land of Leland” (see a previous mention).

Happy “whatever it is you want it to be this time of year” to you all from Slowcoustic.


p.s.  Maybe the breeze I am thinking of is the breeze of the ocean off the coast of Mexico that I will be seeing in a week…  I said my holidays are not stressful, right?